Representatives of the maritime community, members of the shipbuilding industry ushered in the development of opportunities

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On the morning of March 5, the first session of the 12th NPC opened in the Great Hall of the People and Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council made a report on the work of the government. The report has paid close attention to the marine economy and the building of the national defense army and pointed out that it is necessary to develop the marine economy, safeguard the national maritime rights and interests, speed up the modernization of national defense and the armed forces, and resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity so as to guarantee the country's peaceful development. After listening to the government work report, representatives and members of the maritime community attending the first session of the 12th NPC and the first session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee were excited about the world-renowned achievements made by China in various fields such as social affairs and economy in the past five years , That the development of marine economy, safeguarding the national maritime rights and interests will bring great opportunities for the shipbuilding industry, and therefore full of confidence in the future of the shipbuilding industry.
    The government work report summarizes the achievements made in the past five years, including: manned space flight, lunar exploration project, manned deep-dive, BeiDou satellite navigation system and other major breakthroughs, the first carrier "Liaoning ship" into the column; vigorously promote Independent innovation and breakthrough in a number of key core technologies have filled in the gaps in a number of major products and equipment. The military reform with Chinese characteristics has made significant achievements. The modernization of the armed forces has been standardized and modernized in a modernized and comprehensive manner. The preparation for military struggles has been constantly deepened and the implementation of new The capability of the historic mission in the new century has been markedly enhanced, and a series of tasks of great urgency and danger have been accomplished well.
    For this year's government work, the report proposes that we should step up integrated ocean management, develop the marine economy, enhance the capability of developing marine resources, protect the marine ecological environment and safeguard the national maritime rights and interests. We must speed up the modernization of our national defense and the armed forces, and build a strong national defense and strong We must resolutely safeguard the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of our country and safeguard the peaceful development of our country. We must vigorously promote the transformation of economic development mode, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, optimize the allocation of resources and industrial layout to solve the problem of overcapacity, lack of core technologies and low value-added products; we must speed up transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously develop high-tech industries and products Quality and market competitiveness; promote the close combination of science and technology with the economy, and strive to build a technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, industry-university-research combined. The report on the work of the government emphasizes that to develop the marine economy and enhance the capability of marine resources development, representatives and members of the maritime community generally agree that a large number of new types of marine equipment are needed to accomplish this task, which will bring opportunities to the relevant shipping enterprises. CPPCC National Committee, China Shipbuilding Corporation Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Hu Ke said that after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the state issued a series of policies on the revitalization of the shipbuilding industry, promote the development of the marine industry, to promote the shipbuilding industry Structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading played a positive role. In the future, the shipping industry should make full use of the strategic opportunities brought by the state in accelerating the development of marine resources, realize the transformation and development, and make due contributions to the development of "blue economy" in our country. Zhu Ning, NPC deputy and vice president of Sinotrans & CSC, believes that not all businesses will have the chance to regain their strength in the future recovery of the market. There will surely be a large number of enterprises to make adjustments and some will even withdraw from the market. Therefore, only by combining their own development with the direction of national development, shipping companies can do a good job in restructuring and upgrading so as to seize the new opportunities brought by the development of the marine economy.
    National People's Congress, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Seventh Five-Year Institute Ma Yu Pu also stressed the importance of shipbuilding transformation and upgrading. He believes that our country is already the world's largest exporter, but the quality of the manufactured products is not high and its competitiveness is not strong, which affects the prices of export products and the profits of enterprises. At the same time, the report first proposed that labor income should be raised in line with labor productivity. This requires that enterprises focus on the transformation and development, focusing on the improvement of labor productivity rather than the total output value and profits.
    The report also stressed the need to strengthen integrated ocean management, which CPPCC National Committee member of the Ministry of Transport Research Fellow Su Guocu that the current implementation of the ocean long management, which requires coordination and balance more places, decentralized management Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the building of an integrated marine management force. Only in this way can we improve the efficiency of marine management and better safeguard the national maritime rights and interests.
    For the report on the work of the government, "It is necessary to speed up the modernization of national defense and the armed forces, build a strong national defense and a strong army, and resolutely safeguard the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the country and guarantee the peaceful development of the country." Hu Keyi said: At present, with the complex and volatile international environment, To ensure the security, stability and development of the country, the national defense science and technology industry, including the shipping industry, can not be left for it. As the backbone of China's shipbuilding industry, Jiangnan Shipbuilding aims to build China's No.1 military and shipbuilding enterprise and will continue to carry forward Jiangnan spirit of "patriotic dedication, truth-seeking innovation, self-improvement and building first-class" and go all out to complete the construction of various naval equipment task.
    Song Jiahui, member of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the Ministry of Transport, said: "When Premier Wen's report touched upon the building of national defense and the military and safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, the applause in the venue was the most lasting and warmth. The great rejuvenation of the "Chinese Dream" can not be achieved without a powerful national defense and without advanced military equipment. "Song Jiahui said that building a strong national defense in our country will bring about opportunities for development in related industries such as shipping. Of course, under the normalized economic downturn, it is impossible for our economy and the shipping industry to maintain rapid development all the time. All of us should have a rational understanding and strive to achieve stability, health and sustainable development. (Zhao Hui Leng Cuihua Wang Jin Shi Yuping)