Last year, China Shipbuilding Industry Capacity Index was the highest in five years

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In 2017, China Shipbuilding Capacity Utilization Monitoring Index (CCI) is 678 points, still in the colder range.
    Last year, the monitoring index of China's shipbuilding utilization was up 69 points from 609 points in the same period of 2016, representing an increase of 11.3% over the same period of last year, setting the highest level in five years. Specifically, due to the overall pick-up in the international shipping market in 2017, the leading freight index and the new vessel price index led the recovery of the leading indicators. The completion of key shipbuilding enterprises and the orders for receiving new ships increased significantly over the same period of last year. The utilization of shipbuilding capacity in China was obvious However, orders for hand-held vessels continued to decrease year-on-year.
    In the fourth quarter of 2017, China Shipbuilding Utilization Monitoring Index was 678 points, up 24 points from the third quarter of 654 points and the monitoring index rose for two consecutive quarters. Specifically, in the second half of 2017, the shipping market was relatively active. The shipments of new orders, hand-held orders, operating income and operating profit margin of China's shipping companies increased sequentially, driving the index to continue its recovery.
    Looking forward to 2018, on the one hand, the contradiction between supply and demand in the shipping industry is expected to be further eased under the stable and favorable economic conditions in the world. The trading volume of new vessels will likely stabilize, which is in favor of the improvement of utilization rate of shipbuilding capacity. On the other hand, the profitability of shipbuilding enterprises is still not optimistic due to the lack of sufficient number of vessels under construction by shipping companies and the increased overall costs. Taken together, by 2018 China's shipbuilding utilization monitoring index will maintain a steady trend, or will rise. (Boatman)