China's three major shipbuilding indicators in the world

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In 2017, the shipbuilding completion volume, the orders for new ships and the orders for hand-held ships in the global market accounted for 41.9%, 45.5% and 44.6% respectively, ranking the first among the three major shipbuilding targets in the world. This is the China Shipbuilding Industry Association January 23 release of "the analysis of the operation of the shipbuilding industry in 2017" report revealed the information.
    The report argues that in 2017, China's shipbuilding industry will focus closely on industrial policies and seize the favorable opportunities brought by the market rebound. With the hard work of the entire industry, the three major shipbuilding indexes have continued to lead the industry. The product mix has been continuously optimized and the industrial structure has been made more reasonable. With the integration of more in-depth, shipbuilding industry quality upgrades, the international status of the continuous improvement of good performance. According to statistics, in 2017, China's shipbuilding completion volume was 42.68 million deadweight tons, an increase of 20.9%; new orders for 33.73 million deadweight tons, an increase of 60.1%; by the end of December, hand-held orders amounted to 87.23 million dwt, down year on year 12.4%. Among them, the export ship respectively accounted for 92.4%, 83.4% and 90.2% of the national shipbuilding completion volume, new orders, hand-held orders.
    The report analyzes the main features and problems of the economic operation of China's shipbuilding industry in 2017 and makes recommendations for the sustained and healthy development of China's shipbuilding industry in 2018 and in the future. The report pointed out that in 2018, it is a crucial year for the shipbuilding industry to carry out the "13th Five-Year Plan". China's shipbuilding industry should unswervingly promote the high-quality development of the shipbuilding industry. It is necessary to actively implement the key tasks set forth in the "Action Plan for Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Shipbuilding Industry for Structural Adjustment (2016-2020)" and the "Action Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Development of Offshore Engineering Equipment Manufacturing (2017-2020)" and vigorously promote Supply-side structural reforms will enhance the international competitiveness and sustainable development of industries. Second, we should take the measures to crack the shipbuilding industry financing difficulties. It is hoped that financial institutions, while doing their best to guard against financial risks, will use their own resources and policies to increase their financing support for high-quality shipping companies. All enterprises should actively seek diversified financing methods and optimize their financing structures. Third, we must take all factors into account the shipbuilding industry to capacity and structural adjustment. Actively promote the combination of shipbuilding and marine equipment manufacturing industry with tourism, fisheries, renewable energy, deep space and mineral resources development, expand the market segments, take the initiative to create demand, foster new economic growth points and speed up the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure . Fourth, we must further improve the technological innovation and improve efficiency. On the one hand, we must strive to develop green vessels that meet the needs of the market, build brand ships and lead the market with technology. On the other hand, we should promote various tasks with the core of raising production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. Fifth, we must strengthen the offshore engineering equipment in hand orders risk control. For projects under construction, combined with the specific needs of customers, to help customers solve the financing and operating leasing difficulties, to create conditions for the delivery of equipment; for the project has been insured, closely tracking the progress of arbitration, payment and other work, take effective measures to actively deal with, to avoid Systematic risk. (Guo Jia Tai)