Unmanned cargo ship development alliance held a special committee and chief division to set up the General Assembly

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November 15, unmanned cargo transport ship alliance expert committee and Chief Designer Office was established in Shanghai. This marks the unmanned cargo ship R & D technology system has been established, unmanned cargo ship technology development will usher in an orderly and efficient new situation.
    At the meeting, the responsible person of the organizer read out the Articles of Association of the Unmanned Cargo Carriers Alliance, the Working Regulations of the General Designer's Office of Unmanned Cargo Carriers Alliance, the list of the members of the expert committee and the office of Chief Designer List of members. China Classification Society (CCS) introduced the "Unmanned Cargo Carriers Code", and the 708th Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation introduced the general design plan of the unmanned cargo carrier.
    Since the unmanned cargo ship development alliance was established on June 28, 2017, with the joint efforts of various member units, the development of unmanned cargo ships has achieved fruitful results in just 4 and a half months: CCS has completed the unmanned Ship risk assessment report, the first unmanned vessel specification will be enacted; 708 launched unmanned vessel overall design. The next phase, UAV Development Alliance will enter the development of various subsystems as planned.
    With the unmanned cargo ship design work in full swing, all member units will continue adhering to the concept of "building, sharing and sharing" and continue to promote the win-win cooperation spirit of "public recognition, public participation, public achievement and public sharing" Unite consensus, work together, to contribute to the completion of the unmanned cargo ship development alliance annual goal and ultimate goal. (Pakistan Xuan)