Policy-intensive introduction of two-way shipbuilding industry welcomed the good

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On August 18, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the People's Bank of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Further Guiding and Regulating the Orientation of Overseas Investment (the "Opinions"), proposing to support domestic competent and qualified Actively and steadily carry out overseas investment activities, promote the development of "the Belt and Road", deepen cooperation in international production capacity, drive the domestic production of superior capacity and high quality equipment, and apply technical output so as to promote the upgrading and upgrading of related industries in China. Two days prior to the release of the "Opinions," the State Council also promulgated the "Circular on Several Measures for Promoting the Growth of Foreign Investment" (the "Circular"), stressing that the legalization, internationalization and facilitation of the foreign investment environment in our country are further enhanced and the quality of foreign investment utilization enhanced .
    The industry said that in the weak recovery of the shipping market, the shipbuilding market has improved, the offshore market bottoms gradually situation, the State Council and the relevant state ministries and commissions continue to regulate the overseas investment and the introduction of foreign investment policies and measures will be for shipbuilding, marine Such as export-oriented industries to further promote the two-way opening up to bring good. The majority of key shipping companies should strengthen market research and judgment and analyze policy guidance. On the basis of scientific decision-making and under the precondition of preventing risks such as financial and legal issues, shipping companies should take the initiative to cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises and financial institutions, Main business steadily "going global", aiming at technological breakthroughs to speed up the "introduction of" to optimize the global allocation of resources, and continuously enhance their international competitiveness.

    Around the main industry steady "going out"

    According to the World Investment Report 2017 released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, in 2016, China's foreign investment soared 44% to 183 billion U.S. dollars, making it the second-largest foreign investor in the world. However, in this process, some enterprises in some areas have become more and more irrational in their outward investment. It has always been an important policy direction for the relevant state ministries to guide and standardize the foreign-invested enterprises to enhance their awareness of risk prevention and promote the healthy and standardized development of foreign investment.
    The "Opinions" put forward to encourage overseas investment in infrastructure conducive to the "One Belt and One Road" construction and the interconnection of infrastructure around the region; steadily carry out overseas investment in boosting the output of superior production capacity, high-quality equipment and technical standards; and strengthening cooperation with overseas high-tech And advanced manufacturing enterprises to encourage the establishment of R & D centers overseas; and to participate in the exploration and exploitation of energy resources such as oil and gas overseas, and mineral resources on the basis of careful assessment of economic benefits. Restrictions on overseas investment in real estate, hotels, cinemas, entertainment industry and sports clubs; restrictions on the establishment of overseas-funded equity investment funds or investment platforms without specific industrial projects outside China; Restriction on the use of outdated production equipment that does not meet the technical standards of the destination country for investment ; Restrictions do not meet the investment objectives of environmental protection, energy consumption, safety standards of overseas investment. It is forbidden for domestic enterprises to participate in overseas investment that endangers or may endanger national interests and national security.
    The Opinions clarified the key areas for encouraging, restricting and forbidding foreign investment, clarified the 'red line' for the overseas investment of Chinese shipping enterprises and set a 'closed area', and the shipping enterprises must actively and prudently implement their own businesses Out 'strategy. "Industry sources said. In combination with these policies, key shipping companies should step up their plans in the areas of response to the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the promotion of international capacity of shipbuilding and offshore equipment and equipment manufacturing cooperation.
    For example, joint oil and gas development enterprises and financial institutions carry out oil and gas resource development and operation projects in key areas; overseas overseas R & D centers and experiment bases have been established through overseas mergers and acquisitions to establish a global marketing and after-sales service system; actively participate in the revision of international shipbuilding rules , Expand international standards and standards of shipbuilding to participate in the depth and breadth. At the same time, qualified and capable shipping companies in the fields of infrastructure construction, maritime finance, ports, logistics and other related fields can actively explore business models with controllable forms of cooperation and risks and enhance the level and level of foreign investment.
    Industry people remind shipping companies, "Opinions" promulgated further requirements for the majority of shipping companies to regulate overseas investment behavior, establish and improve risk management of overseas compliance review, control and decision-making system, in particular, to in-depth understanding of overseas investment cooperation policies and regulations and international practice, Comply with local laws and regulations, and be prepared to guard against financial risks so as to reduce the risk of overseas investment in shipping enterprises.

    Technical research to speed up "bring in"

    With the Chinese economy entering a new normal, the pace of China's economic restructuring and industrial restructuring are accelerating, which also makes China face corresponding adjustments in the utilization of foreign investment. According to the data from the Ministry of Commerce, from January to July 2017, the actually utilized foreign investment in our country was 485.42 billion yuan, down slightly by 1.2% year-on-year. Nevertheless, people in the industry still think China's advantage of attracting foreign investment remains unchanged. China is still an attractive market for foreign investment by reducing access restrictions and reforming a fair, equal and transparent business environment.
    Following the release of the "Circular on Several Measures for Enhancing Foreign Exchange and Utilization of Foreign Capital in January of this year" issued by the State Council in January this year, the "Notice" issued by the State Council further reduces the restrictions on foreign investment access, formulates fiscal and taxation support policies and improves the comprehensive investment environment in the state- Facilitate the entry and exit of talents, and optimize the business environment. "The Circular proposes to further expand the scope of market access and opening up to the outside world and continue to promote the opening to the outside world in areas such as ship design, international maritime transport, banking, securities and insurance, which will attract foreign capital to the shipbuilding industry and promote key projects and product areas Technical research, will have a significant impact. "Industry sources pointed out.
    At present, China State Shipbuilding Corporation is cooperating with key shipping companies in China and internationally renowned enterprises in carrying out collaborative work on key projects in large-scale cruise ships and low-speed marine vessels. A series of supporting policies and measures to be announced in the "Circular" and undoubtedly will be The relevant units have introduced a global innovation resource and carried out joint design, technical exchange and personnel training to create a more favorable environment and lay the foundation for our country to form an innovation system for science and technology research and development in the fields of large-scale cruise ships and marine power equipment as soon as possible. At the same time, the "Notice" will also lead overseas enterprises and research institutes to set up global R & D institutions in our country to drive the introduction of team introduction, core talents introduction and project introduction by our shipping enterprises and research institutes to attract overseas high-end talents and greatly promote the development of our country Key provinces and cities to create ship science and technology industry innovation center.
    At the same time, industry insiders pointed out that the continuous adjustment and optimization of the policy of introducing foreign investment by the state will also promote the development of overseas leasing companies, logistics companies and other related enterprises under the banner of China's key shipping companies. These enterprises should strengthen policy research and market research and make use of the policy advantages of domestic free trade zones and the identity advantages of overseas institutions to promote financial leasing, stabilize shipping orders, expand financing channels, reduce financing costs, diversify businesses and reduce procurement costs Etc. full play its role. (Zhang Hongtao)