China's marine and inland river fishing vessels inspection rules released

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Following the approval of the "Statutory Inspection Rules for Fishing Vessels (Offshore Fishing Vessels 2015)" issued in 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture recently approved the release of the Statutory Inspection Rules for Fishing Vessels (Captain Greater than or equal to 12m Domestic Marine Fisheries Ships 2017) and Fisheries Ships Statutory Rules Inspection Rules (Captain Greater than or equal to 12m River Fishing Vessel 2017) ". The two rules will come into effect on January 1, 2018.
    The domestic marine fishing vessels and inland fishing vessels are two important rules for the construction of a fishery vessel inspection law and regulation system. They are not only the safety standards for the design, construction, operation and management of fishing vessels but also the law enforcement basis for the inspection and supervision of fishing vessel inspection agencies.
    These two rules highlight four major features. First, highlight the quality of technical supervision of fishing inspection features. The two rules re-examined the statutory inspection items and further clarified that the statutory inspection of fishing vessels should be conducted in a "confirmed" way, highlighting statutory inspection and statutory supervision of fishing vessels and highlighting the features of the ship's technical supervision. The second is to clarify the responsibilities of all parties involved and clarify the responsibilities of shipowners, design and construction enterprises, supervision and inspection agencies as well as inspection and supervision departments of fishing vessels and surveyors. The third is to adjust the inspection methods, clear the need to issue inspection, testing, test reports of the project. Fourth, adjust the inspection certificate classification and the validity period. The rules of domestic marine fishing vessels will merge the original safety certificates, load line certificates, tonnage certificates and pollution prevention certificates into the inspection certificates of fishing vessels; the regulations of inland river fishing vessels shall be handled in accordance with the requirements of "three certificates combined with one" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the validity period of the certificates issuance Are adjusted to no more than 60 months.
    In addition, the rules of the domestic marine fishing vessels also reduce the requirements for the spacing and height of small and medium sized marine fishing vessels, and clarify the requirements for the large and medium-sized fishing vessels of 12 meters or more in length to be equipped with Beidou position monitoring equipment and automatic vessel identification system.
    The implementation of the two new rules will be conducive to promoting fishery safety management in an all-round and effective manner. It is also conducive to the design and construction of units to improve the quality of design and construction of fishing vessels. It is beneficial to the inspection agencies of fishing vessels to perform inspection, supervision and management duties in accordance with the law in all aspects and to fulfill the modernization of fishery equipment positive effects. (Li Qin)